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We’re an accredited seller of Covid-19 tests in the UK, and partnered with the award winning Corona Test Centre.

What we do

The Xmedical team brings with them an altogether different way of looking at healthcare services, drawing on decades of experience in healthcare and across other industries. The team believes that a combination of leading IT and infrastructure, unparalleled marketing systems and the ability to build the best from scratch, can combine with the best people to deliver an different medical experience for patients, doctors and medical teams.

The Xmedical Group Story

Launching the Corona Test Centre

A team of tech entrepreneurs came together to provide UK customers with safe, easy and accessible COVID testing, utilising technology and digital platforms to improve the frontend experience.

Scaling through
customer success

By investing heavily in systems and customer support, Corona Test Centre was able to grow rapidly. The primary objective of growth, while maintaining customer centricity, was achieved.


For the business to remain competitive, the focus needed to be on maintaining product-market fit, efficient customer acquisition and mechanisms, and systems to retain customers.

Supporting others
to do the same

We’ve learnt what’s important to your healthcare business because it’s been important to ours. From this experience, we’ve built three business functions to support and enable growth.

XMedical Partners

Ed Heywood


James Bailey

Chief Operating Officer

James Davidson

Chief Marketing Officer

Hannah Pringle

Senior People & Culture Manager

Yvonne Gosset

Head of Quality

Daisy Mercedes

Head of Operations

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