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Corona test centre

The award winning Corona Test Centre

Success in offering fast results across multiple laboratories through an interconnected backend system to deliver first class customer service.

Corona Test Centre

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in early 2020, a team of tech entrepreneurs came together to provide UK customers with safe, easy and accessible COVID testing. The Xmedical team brought with them an altogether different way of looking at healthcare services: from the backend out, utilising technology and digital platforms to improve the frontend experience.

Inspired by necessity — the UK needed testing centres — but galvanised by the opportunity to do things differently, Corona Test Centre’s user journey was made to be sleek and modern. The team invested heavily in user journeys and the digital presence, focusing its efforts on the UK’s largest market: London.

The approach worked, and soon multiple labs were required to process the high volumes of test samples with guaranteed turnaround times. Powerful systems had to be in place to seamlessly connect Xmedical customers to Xmedical centres, and Xmedical centres to Xmedical partner labs. Everything had to run smoothly since, in healthcare, human error and mishandled data isn’t an option.

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